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2015 Reflections

New Theme is The world would be a better place if.......



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Alabama PTA Welcomes You!

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New criteria for remaining a unit in good standing Voted on at the May 2014 Convention in Huntsville.

A unit in good standing:

(i) adheres to the purposes and basic policies of PTA

(ii) Remits dues to Alabama PTA by dates designated in these bylaws

(iii) has a current officer list on file in the Alabama PTA office, and

(iv) must have bylaws which have been updated within the last three (3) years on file in the Alabama PTA Office.

(v) Must maintain its 501c(3) tax exempt status or be actively working in conjunction with Alabama PTA to have its tax exempt status reinstated.
(vi) must maintain membership levels as follows: A minimum of 15 members for schools with enrollment of 200 or less students, 25 members for schools with enrollment of 201 to 500 students, and 50 members for schools with enrollment of greater than 500 students, and
(vii) if located with an organized council, follows adopted guidelines of that council in paying dues and/or participating in other programs.


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New Council and Local Unit Officer Forms available here.

Council Officer Form

Local Officer Form


Get Involved

If you hear that your child is being bullied do not ignore it. This will tell your child that bullying is ok. Give your child the proper support by taking cases of bullying seriously. Never tell your child that this may be their fault. Instead encourage your child to report the incident to a teacher or staff member. If the situation does not improve or stop it will be important for you to contact the teacher or school. Stay Calm





Alabama PTA

The Alabama PTA is the strongest statewide organization working exclusively on behalf of children and youth. Founded in 1911, Alabama PTA's primary objective is to strengthen the family unit through parent involvement.